Best Christmas Destinations for a Wonderful Snowy Celebration

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Christmas is magical, especially when you spend it with family and friends. Besides the precious company, however, it is equally important to spend Christmas in a place that you love. Many people choose to return home and spend holidays in the place they grew up. Some others take advantage of the holiday spirit and set out on new adventures. If you belong to the second category, below you will find some really great Christmas destinations that will make the most of your holiday experience.



This is a truly amazing country in Europe, offering the unique opportunity to gaze at the northern lights. A spectacle that blows your mind! There is in fact a glass igloo hotel, where you stay overnight and watch the aurora lights! If you are in search of splendid holidays surrounded by snow and special chromatic combinations in the sky, Finland is your best bet – Rovaniemi is home to Santa Claus, after all!



The Germans love Christmas! So they have a lot of Christmas markets and they celebrate Christmas in full glory. It is worth visiting Germany and particularly Dresden, Berlin and Hamburg, due to their picturesque neighborhoods, illuminated buildings and of course the traditional fruit cake called stollen.



Austria and Christmas go hand in hand. Baroque architecture, snow everywhere, hot soup and above all chocolate! Christmas spirit sets in pretty early in Austria, which is great. So you are welcome to walk through the Christmas markets and the decorated buildings, dine in one of the finest restaurants and watch the white scenery and the snowflakes falling down.



The Land of Ice could not be left out of the top Christmas destinations of the world. Remote and singular, iceland offers a unique experience to everyone wishing to enjoy the genuine Christmas spirit. According to tradition, along with Santa Claus there are Yule Lads. These characters appear in the city during the thirteen days prior to Christmas.


United Kingdom

London gets brighter and more spectacular than ever at Christmas! Covent Garden is simply breathtaking, as well as Green Park. Harrods and Selfridges offer special gift options and you are welcome to wander the streets and join the holiday spirit. But besides London, every single city in the UK celebrates Christmas magically. Scotland and Ireland are equally amazing!


Have your pick and start counting backwards till Christmas! All of these destinations will allow you to celebrate Christmas magnificently!




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