What you Should Know When Dealing with a Car Mechanic

Everyone who owns a car understands that servicing and maintenance are very key to the car’s safety and optimal performance. Delaying service or not taking proper care of your vehicle will not only affect your car’s performance but also compromise its safety. Choosing a high-quality, service auto repair shop will allow you to maintain your vehicle while saving you money over your vehicle’s life. Frequent servicing extends the life of your car as it allows you to deal with small repairs and prevent breakdowns.

Your decision to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop is just half the battle. You need to know how to deal with the mechanic so that you can get most for your repair and maintenance dollars. You don’t want your trip to see a mechanic turn sour. Here are some of the things you should do when you take your car for servicing or repairs to a mechanic.

Set Realistic Expectations

The first thing you want to know when taking your car to a mechanic is the time needed to complete the repairs and when you can pick it. Of course you’ll also ask about the cost of the repairs. It’s important that you give the mechanic enough time to do his job. Whether it’s a quick fix that might only take an hour or something that might need a few minutes, plan to leave your vehicle with the mechanic for a couple of hours. Remember there could be others who brought their vehicles before you. Request for a cost estimate before leaving or letting the technician start working on your car.

Communicate Properly

Giving clear information about what’s wrong with your car will make it easier for the mechanic to diagnose and make the necessary repairs. You may consider writing the problem down, how long it has been there and how often it occurs. It’s also important to note the last time your vehicle was serviced. The main point here is to ensure the mechanic gets to know and understand what could be wrong with your vehicle.

Tidy up your Vehicle before dropping it off

Dropping off a cluttered or dirty car will communicate the wrong message to the mechanic. As a matter of fact, it may affect the quality of service provided. This is common courtesy. If there are some items at the back seat of your car consider removing them as well.

You should be Available

Being available, in this case, doesn’t mean you should hand around the mechanic as he does the repairs. It means you should leave your contact details so that the mechanic can easily reach you in case of anything. The technician may need your approval to do some repairs. If he can’t reach you, your vehicle might have to remain unattended to until when you return. Leaving your contact details will also be useful to you. You’ll need information on when your vehicle will be ready and how much you’ll be required to pay before heading back to the repair shop.

Leave the Mechanic Alone

Mechanics don’t like it when customers hover around watching them do the work. Of course there’s nothing wrong with you spending time with your vehicle as the technician tries to give you details about the problem. On the other hand, this can be dangerous. Your mechanic might feel distracted. You better stay in the waiting room and allow the mechanic do his job best.

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